Welcome to the Application Lab. Apps from the lab are often experimental or concept projects. By making these apps available here, I hope to provide a means to vet and improve various concepts and technology through user participation, rather than in a vacuum. This will help me make my primary products even better as new insights and innovations are discovered and applied. Most of the application lab projects are available for sale in the App Store and through iTunes.


Rescue Flashlight
I wanted a flashlight app that turns-on virtually the moment you tap the icon to launch it. That is what I've delivered with Rescue Flashlight. It is designed to be the fastest-starting LED flashlight on the market.



Blackstar: Appisode I for iPad
Blackstar is an experiment in incorporating and combining video and story in a novel way. Currently the app features 4 short video segments which display in the window of the shuttle cockpit, simulating the appearance of flight. There is presently no game component in Blackstar. The application is in prototype phase and will be developed further if there is significant interest.


Starquake incorporates extensive full-motion video footage combined with authentic sound from the Sun, encyclopedic facts and figures, and the latest real time imagery of Sol. Starquake is best experienced using headphones.




As featured in Wired.com's Gadget Lab Review: Firepower is "kind of like playing Doom on your iPhone with real life as your surroundings: You point your camera at your target and tap the “Fire” button to shoot bullets while painting the screen with virtual blood." But now, you can paint the screen with any color of particle effects, thanks to the preset fx available in the settings panel, as well as the new ability to launch the external app called Particle Toy, in which you can edit, and then import back into Firepower your very own custom blast FX. Swapping between the two apps occurs seamlessly from each App's settings panel.


Particle Toy
Particle Toy is a particle system special FX toy and a companion App to Firepower. Play with the colors, speeds, sizes, gravity, wind, and direction of a particle system right on your iPhone or iPod touch!




Elections was popular in the 2008 election season. While it was useful and work is underway to update the application in both content, and enhanced functionality, it is no longer current on most election information. Most features, except for Dates & Locations are currently outdated, pending the next update planned for the election season of 2012.



Shotgun Infinity: A Shotgun and infinite ammunition. What more could you want?